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BluTech Lenses



We love our technology…our smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, HD TVs, CFL/LED lighting and any other back-lit devices.  These devices emit  harmful high-energy blue light which decreases our visual performance (fatigue and eyestrain), is toxic to the retina (macular degeneration) and interrupts our sleep cycle.  BluTech Lenses filter high-energy blue and ultra-violet light using ocular lens pigment combined with melanin and isolates this combination in a durable material.  This infusion of pigment, when in spectacle lenses, provides the same protection, contrast enhancement and color perception to the eye as the natural yellow-brown coloration of the human crystalline lens.

In other words, this champagne-colored lens (for indoors) filters the harmful blue light from our technologically-advanced world to provide protection, visual performance improvement and improved sleep patterns.  I just received my BluTech lenses, so I’m hoping for the sleep improvement to happen quickly.  However, the soothing vision is already apparent!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lens!  The outdoor BluTech is a darker brown colored tint, provides the same protection, enhances color perception, improves visual acuity, reduces glare and just soothes my eyes.

Everyone who spends time with these back-lit devices will benefit from this technology!  Children and post cataract surgery patients have no ocular lens pigment and, therefore, especially need this protection.

Come see the newest, latest and greatest in lens technology.  My team is happy to demonstrate this new lens.  I will even let you wear my glasses!! 🙂